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About the Founder

Alexandra, nicknamed Yaya as a child, founded Yaya Land in 2017. Coincidentally, Yaya also means ‘‘woman’’ in ancient Greek. Yaya Land represents Alexandra’s curated selection of brands and products she identifies most with as well as the ‘’go to’’ e-commerce platform for every ‘‘Yaya’s’’ essential wardrobe items.  After 10 years in the corporate world of fashion, Alexandra finally decided to embark on her entrepreneurial adventure, launching Yaya Land.

Alexandra was raised in New York by her French mother and American father.  After graduating from an American university in 2009, she moved to Paris to explore her French roots. Alexandra quickly fell in love with Paris’ charm and decided to remain in Europe indefinitely.  

She was inspired to start her own business seeking to update her wardrobe with investment pieces.  Tired of buying embellished dresses she would never wear and elaborate coats that found a permanent home in the back of her closet, Alexandra was ready to invest in quality over quantity.  This desire coincided with an interest in US-based brands not easily accessible in Europe.   

After months of research and strategizing, Yaya Land was born.  Yaya Land is an e-commerce multi-brand store that aims to make every yaya look effortless and chic.  No matter where you live or what you do, our products are universally appealing.